As any student (or parent) who regularly visits Barnes & Nobles could tell you, books on college applications, admissions, paying for college, and the like are run of the mill. There's a "how to" for every step in the process, from choosing the college that's "right" for you to finding scholarship money to help foot the bill.

Then there's College Prep 101 (Second Edition), which, rather than "how to," is more along the lines of "what to do" and "when."

In fact, college-bound students (and their parents) should consider College Prep 101 a pragmatic, sensible, easy to understand and follow timeline and reference guide, designed to take you step-by-step through the entire college entrance experience.

Test-taking. College visits. Selecting a college that fits. The application. Parental involvement. Time management. And so on. All laid out in an organized yet informal format, easy to swallow as well as digest.

The brainchild of Lance Millis a/k/a The College Answer Guy, College Prep 101 gets you on the right track while the train is still conveniently in the station, transporting you comfortably from the confines of your high school cafeteria all the way to the inside of your five foot square dorm room.

Simple ideas, really, concisely stated. After all, preparing for the college application and admissions process is confusing enough without a diatribe translated from the Latin to spin your head. College Prep 101 tells you what you need to know and do, and exactly when you should be doing it. The highlights are bulleted. There's no fluff. And although what you already knew (or thought you did) is reiteriated, it is what you may have missed along the way that comes to the fore.

If you'd like more than a matter-of-fact college planning calendar but less than the War and Peace version of getting into college, you should be reading College Prep 101. A quick read that will save you countless sleepless nights and a whole lot of agita.

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