With the 2012 summer Olympic games about to get underway in London (Go USA!), The College Whisperer has been giving some thought to the benefits (okay, absolute necessity) of having a coach as students wend their way along that long, winding and often treacherous road toward college admissions.

After all, name just one successful Olympic athlete who went for the gold without a comparably winning coach. Odds are, you cannot.

Where would Nadia Comaneci have been in pursuit of the perfect 10 without Bela Karolyi? Linda Fratianne, Michelle Kwan, and Evan Lysacek without Frank Carroll? The 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team without Herb Brooks? [If you think applying and getting in to college isn't a team effort, just ask Mom and Dad.]

Come now, College Whisperer. [That's The College Whisperer to you :-) ] How can you compare making the Olympic team, let alone going for gold, to the college application and admissions process? 

You're right. These days, with colleges and universities becoming ever more selective, and the competition for each available seat being fiercely keen, it may well be tougher to get into the college of your choice than to take the top spot on the Olympic podium in London.

Sure. This college coach talk may seem blatantly self-serving. A shameless bid at self-promotion. [In a way, it is. For in the college admissions game, as in life itself, if you don't toot your own horn, no one else will!] So, don't take our word alone on The Perks of Having A College Coach. The folks at Newsday's College PrepTalk have chimed in on this one.

In a world where you're competing against the best of the best -- with the rest of the world literally clamoring at the college gates -- having a college coach is no longer a luxury. Proceed on your own at your peril. You've got one bite at the apple (or several bites of the variety of apples that you've wisely placed in your college selection basket). Choose those apples with care and don't bite into any worms!

Commenting on our post, How Much Is That College Coach In The Window?, John T. Weir, Founder and CEO of The College Planning Network, had these words of wisdom to students -- and parents -- interested in college planning services:

I spent the past few years researching the college planning resources that are available for young adults and their families. I found that high school guidance counselors can be a great resource, but their time is very limited and they are spread too thin. So, parents have naturally turned to private options for advice-college planning experts. And it sure makes sense! You would seek a real estate agent if you were buying a home in a new neighborhood and you probably employ an accountant to do your taxes. You plan for retirement, consider investments, purchase insurance, and plan for your estate, all with the help of qualified professionals. Many folks even hire an expert to plan their wedding! So, it only stands to reason that you would want to hire a college planning professional, especially when you consider that the investment in a college education could easily top $100,000...

Sound advice, indeed.

As the Olympic torch is lit, showcasing the athletes as the world comes together for two, all too short weeks, so too must the college-bound showcase their talents, making sure their light shines brightly before the ultimate judges of their college quest -- the college admissions officers (hopefully, the Russian judges won't be sitting on that Admissions Committee. :-)

For the youth of the world now gathered in London to Inspire A Generation, it's  "Citius, Altius, Fortius." Faster, Higher, Stronger. For the high school student preparing for college, it's Plan, Prepare, Prevail!
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