The college search goes iTech!

You knew this one was coming. Actually, it's here. An App for iPads, iPhones, and similar devices that allows the college-bound to match themselves with colleges. It's called CollegeApp®, the brainchild of The College Whisperer's college counseling colleague, Erin Avery of Avery Educational Resources.

I've (or is it, i'Ve?) yet to test this app, but it does seem rather interesting as a 21st Century approach for matching students with colleges, and vice versa.

As Erin explains on her blog:

Users build a version of their ideal college characteristics using an avatar with rotating body parts that correspond to attributes such as size, location, cost, Greek life and selectivity. After the selections have been made, a list of colleges appears that match these chosen characteristics. The results page includes the most updated specifics self-reported by each college so that the information is accurate, current and pertinent. A map appears to show location with a direct link to each college website! Users can explore myriad possibilities and use CollegeApp® again and again using different combinations of college attributes...CollegeApp® also offers a search feature geared toward guidance counselors, educational consultants and parents alike! In a moment, users can isolate every college with Greek life, or every college located in a small town or city, or every college in a hot climate, or any number of combinations of the above. CollegeApp® helps to narrow from hundreds of great colleges to a manageable number and encourages all to focus on best-fit decisions.

Certainly worth a download, which can be done through iTunes (where else?), and a look-see by students and college counselors alike.

Let no one say The College Whisperer doesn't keep you on the cutting edge. Which way does this app cut? We report. You decide. Write to The College Whisperer with your reviews of this innovative and engaging college search/college match tool.

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