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, your one-stop source for college planning, counseling, guidance and support, is now scheduling appointments for the preparation and submission of FAFSAthe Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Applying to college for the fall of 2014? YOU NEED TO SUBMIT FAFSA!

Already in college and planning to attend college or grad school in the fall of 2014? YOU NEED TO SUBMIT FAFSA! [Yes, FAFSA MUST be submitted each year for the following school year.]

Been awarded a scholarship from a college or want to apply for scholarships offered by a college? YOU NEED TO SUBMIT FAFSA!

Vying for merit aid or looking for need-based aid? YOU NEED TO SUBMIT FAFSA!

Simply put, when it comes to getting money for college, YOU NEED TO SUBMIT FAFSA!

If you need money for college -- whether institutional scholarships, grants, Work-Study or Direct Student (Stafford) loans -- you MUST submit a complete, accurate and timely FAFSA. This is so even for those schools that require the CSS Profile.

Don't miss out on money for college. File your FAFSA in January!

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P.S. If you are required to submit the CSS Profile in addition to FAFSA, and you have not yet done so, we can help you with that as well.

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