Ah, yes. The high school senior who, just now, is waking up to the realization that he or she actually has to apply to college in order to start classes in the fall! So much for Early Decision, Early Action and, in many instances, Regular Decision, the deadlines having come and gone.

On the other hand, look at it this way: by waiting to apply to college until later in the game, you unwittingly managed to pare down the list from nearly 4000 accredited colleges and universities to several hundred. Think of the application fees you just saved yourself -- or your parents! :-0

Anyway, it is, as the old saying goes, what it is, and, though many a college gate has gently closed behind you (please don't let it hit you on the way out ;-), there are still many -- yes, many colleges waiting to embrace your applications with outstretched arms and open wallets!

Indeed, the daunting task of finding the perfect fit -- the "best" college for you -- has been made somewhat easier, even as the admissions clock winds down, your choices having been narrowed considerably through the erosion of time (or, for you football fanatics, the proverbial delay of game).

Now, we've tackled this dilemma before here at The College Whisperer, chronic tardiness in submitting college applications reaching epidemic (if not academic) proportions this time, each year. See our past blogs, The Great Procastinator, and, Late Doesn't Mean Never.  And although we offer cautionary tale upon prophetic warning to prepare and submit college applications early in the season, there are those who are intent on waiting -- some, actually, for good things!

Alas, the application deadlines for the likes of Princeton, Yale, Harvard and their ilk may have left us in their dust, but plenty of good -- even great -- colleges continue to accept applications, some with late deadlines, others with so-called Rolling Admissions, where applications are accepted until every last spot in the opening class is filled.

Where to find such colleges, forgiving of your sleep-in attitude and "what's the hurry" persona?

Well, a good place to start is on the Common App itself. Use the College Search tool found at https://www.commonapp.org/SearchEngine/SimpleSearch.aspx. Fill in -- or check off -- the blanks to your specifications (be sure to include a date for "Deadline on or after"), and, voila, you have before you a list of colleges and universities open to the notion of, "come on in, the admissions pool is just fine."

The College Whisperer did a broad search of all colleges with application deadlines of February 1 or later and came up with 324 Common App member schools (over 400 for prospective transfer students), including some rather prestigious centers of higher learning. No, you are not limited to College of the Ozarks, by any means. [Not that there's anything wrong with College of the Ozarks, mind you. Just saying! :-)] The choices are many and varied, and include schools close to home as well as a continent away.

There are a host, nay, plethora, for you SATers, of colleges offering late application deadlines, which can be found on such sites as Peterson's. http://www.petersons.com/college-search/late-deadline-schools.aspx. Here you'll also find a list of colleges offering Rolling Admissions which, by Peterson's count, is upwards of 2300 schools. Not too shabby! http://www.petersons.com/college-search/SearchResults.aspx?q=rolling+admissions&c=UG.

There are other websites and search engines for the late out of the gate high school senior (including the not quite Universal College Application and College Board's Matchmaker (one of the few tools College Board doesn't charge you for -- yet), but the best course of action at this juncture is to sit down with your Guidance Counselor, involve your parental units, where possible, and, by all means, consult with your independent college planning counselor, and get crackin' on those apps (and we're not talking iPhone here)!

By the way, there are some colleges out there which, the passing of deadlines notwithstanding, may accept your late application -- usually to be accompanied by an additional fee. Don't count on much sympathy, though, and, your application, if considered at all, will typically go to the bottom of the pile.

In any case, while it is not necessarily now or never, it is getting pretty darn close. So, wipe the sand from your eyes, sharpen those number 2 pencils (not that you'll need them to apply these days), and let's get to work. College awaits, but only if you actually apply!
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