For high school students looking for leadership training and college scholarship opportunities, the Posse Foundation offers those with "extraordinary academic and leadership potential" a means to become Posse Scholars.

No, the horse is not included, nor will there be any outlaws to round up and bring to justice. There will, however, be the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a diverse, enthusiastic, and engaged group of students (the Posse, in case you were wondering), who, through campus initiatives, serve as catalysts for "increased individual and community involvement."

Students are nominated by high schools and community organizations, and, through Posse's association with partner colleges (38 in all), join multicultural teams of 10 (a nice size for a posse), a full-tuition, four-year scholarship in pocket (holster sold separately).

There may not be a camp out at the Ponderosa for this posse (The College Whisperer is no doubt dating himself, as these days, high schoolers hear "Ponderosa" and think "steakhouse"), but "have gumption, will travel" could well be the credo for the Posse Scholars of tomorrow.

For more info on Posse Scholarships, check out or visit the guidance office in your high school.

Let's ride!

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