As college application deadlines loom on the horizon, here are a few pointers to help you complete the process. Remember, there's more to applying to college than simply clicking "Review and Submit" on Common App!

Test Scores --
 Nothwithstanding the unofficial reporting of test scores to colleges via Common App, prorietary applications, and SSAR (where required), the ONLY test scores considered for admission by colleges are the ones officially submitted via College Board (SAT, SAT II, AP) and ACTstudent. [NOTE: For those applying Early Action, the best practice is to submit all relevant scores BEFORE the EA Deadline. If test scores are not available prior to deadline, submit as soon as possible once posted.]

High School Required Forms -- Remember to complete and hand in to Guidance ALL forms required by your high school. Typically, these include Transcript Verification, as well as forms detailing the colleges to which you are applying, whether you are applying Early Action or Regular Decision, and the applicable deadline dates. [NOTE: Some high schools require college-specific forms for the transmission of transcripts, Guidance reports, and teacher recommendations. If your high school is not using Naviance, Common App forms may also be required. When in doubt, check it out with your Guidance Conselor.]

Demonstrate Interest -- Some colleges will tell you that demonstrating interest in the school doesn't matter. Don't believe them! [That's like your boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other telling you that forgetting his/her Birthday is okay!] Request information from all colleges you are interested in. Register and attend info sessions when colleges come to your high school campus (and follow up with an email to the college rep). When you visit colleges, sign up for official tours.

Keep Up Your Grades -- Grades during Senior year matter - a lot! While they may not change your GPA (for better or for worse) significantly, colleges will want to see that you are not only taking those rigorous courses, but you are applying yourself and making the grade as well. All colleges receive your mid-year grades as well as your final transcript.

Scholarships & Financial Aid -- You should be starting your search for college scholarships, lest you've been printing greenbacks in your basement. FastwebZinchNiche (College Prowler) are just a few of the places to begin to search and apply. Be certain to check the websites of the colleges you apply to for financial aid info and requirements. Look for college-specific scholarships. See if the schools require fin aid forms in addition to FAFSA, such as CSS Profile or the colleges' own financial aid forms. Pay attention to deadlines!

$100 For Your Referrals: Not too late to get in the game! Refer your friends, classmates, relatives, and colleagues to COLLEGE CONNECTION. [Who couldn't use a little help with those college applications, scholarship searches, and financial aid forms, right?] For each referral, you will get one entry into our random drawing (November 15) for $100 in cold, hard cash.

High School Juniors -- Take the ACT and/or SAT in the spring of 2015. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL SENIOR YEAR! Casually look for colleges you may be interested in. [Check out, and take a few virtual tours (in your PJs, if you'd like) at, and] Also, begin searching and applying for scholarships NOW!
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