SAT Scores: A reminder that scores for the October SAT are now posted at Official scores must be sent to those colleges requiring same via the College Board website. [Note: If the Early Action Deadline is November 1, scores should be sent "RUSH" (additional fee applies).] 

Early Action Deadlines: Be aware of Early Action (EA) Deadline dates. Do NOT wait until the actual deadline date(s) to submit your applications. 

Naviance: For those high schools utilizing Naviance, be sure your Resume is complete and that all colleges you are applying to are listed. Once you apply, edit college list to indicate that the application has been submitted. If not already done, "Match" your Naviance to Common App.

High School Forms: Be certain to complete and submit to Guidance any and all required forms in a timely manner. This typically includes Transcript Request, Guidance Report, and Recommendation Request forms, as well as forms advising Guidance as to the colleges to which you are applying and application deadline dates.

Financial Aid: Check out which colleges require the submission of the CSS Profile for consideration of aid (including scholarships, grants, Work-Study, and loans). [Click for CSS Profile Participating Colleges.]  The Profile should be completed and submitted as soon as possible after you submit your college applications.[NOTE: There are often college-specific deadlines for the Profile.] 

FAFSA? Required by ALL colleges for federal aid (loans, grants, Work-Study) and many internal, college-specific scholarships and grants. Can be completed and submitted on or after January 1, 2015

College-specific forms? Some colleges have their own, proprietary forms, required for financial aid. Many have their own specific deadlines, particularly for internal scholarships (both merit and need-based). Check the Financial Aid pages of the websites for the colleges you apply to for available aid, required forms, and deadlines.

Outside Scholarships: Contrary to popular belief, most scholarships do not come from the colleges themselves, but rather, from outside sources. And yet, such free money is too often overlooked, with scholarship searches (let alone actually applying) neglected. DON'T LEAVE SCHOLARSHIP MONEY ON THE TABLE! 

***Need a hand completing/submitting fin aid forms and/or in the nuances of that search for college money? [Of course you do!] Call, email, text or smoke signal (smoke signal rates may apply) to schedule an appointment. ***

READ YOUR EMAILS!: Once you apply to the colleges of your choosing, watch for, and actually open and READ, emails from the colleges, following all instructions contained therein. You may be requested to create a web portal, to complete a supplement or ancillary forms (i.e., housing), or to follow an Application Checker for missing documents and/or application status. Remember, applying to college is an ongoing process. It doesn't end when you hit "Submit" on Common App. [In fact, you may not have actually submitted your application when you hit "Submit" on Common App! Hmmm...]

$500 For Your Referrals: Yes, we've upped the ante on our promotional giveaway. Refer your friends, classmates, relatives, and colleagues. [Who couldn't use a little help with those college applications, scholarship searches, and financial aid forms, right?] For each referral, you will get one entry into our random drawing (now extended to November 15) for $500 in cold, hard cash.

Questions? Concerns? Leftover candy corn? Contact us. We are always here to help!

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