If you know a high school senior, well then, you are well aware of their hectic schedules applying to colleges, searching for scholarships, and biting their nails waiting for admission decisions. [High school seniors should also be preparing their financial aid forms, including FAFSA.]
But what about high school juniors?
Even though they are not applying, they should be preparing. That means lining up engaging courses to take in the senior year, embarking on those meaningful extracurricular activities and community service projects, taking the SAT and ACT, and, yes, searching and applying for scholarships.
Scholarships? Yes, high school juniors can -- and should -- apply for college scholarships. [In some cases, college scholarships are open to all high school students, even freshmen. Go for it!]
Why? Because the early bird really does catch the worm. And, as most high school juniors won't even bother applying for college scholarships, you'll have a greater chance of success now, before the competition really heats up next year.
How? Check with your guidance counselor for scholarships available to juniors. Then, sign up and complete the profiles on scholarship search engines. That accomplished, seek out the scholarships for which you qualify. Last but not least, apply. Fastweb and MeritAid are great places to start!

It really is that easy, and a jump start on finding money to help pay for college will put you in good stead as you enter your senior year of high school.

Also, a heads up that Student Advisor, a publication of The Washington Post, offers a number of FREE, downloadable College Guides, including an important and timely piece, Scholarship Secrets. A worthy read, indeed!
Lastly (for this post), if you have yet to sign up at ScholarshipPoints.com, entering the monthly $10,000 Scholarship Contest (no essay required), you should do so today. The more scholarships you apply for, and the sooner you apply, the better your chances of getting FREE money to pay for college!
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P.S. A word to the wise for current college students -- If you will have tuition to pay in the fall, you should be looking for scholarship money as well! And remember to submit the FAFSA, too.
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