The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum plays host this Sunday, October 3rd, to the National College Fair.

Come on out and meet The College Whisperer as he makes his way through the crowds, past the booths manned (and womaned ;-) by cheerful college reps, to the concession stands. LOL

While I love and loathe college fairs, I will miss no opportunity to mingle with the hopeful, the stressed and the angst-ridden, as they scout out information and insight on prospective colleges.

Look for the College Connection car in the Coliseum parking lot (yes, we have to pay the fee). Take a card. Ask for a brochure. Pick The College Whisperer's brain if you happen to see him in the car, listening to the football game.

Later, at home, shoes off, feet up, snack in hand, give College Connection a call at 516-345-8766, and find out how we can help you navigate the road (and we're not just talking about Hempstead Turnpike or the Meadowbrook Parkway) to college.

COLLEGE CONNECTION. The difference between applying to college and actually getting in!