M.G. of Jericho, NY writes:

Aside from the 529 plan, which I am currently funding, what other ways are there to save for college?

The College Whisperer responds:

Short of that Trust Fund from a rich and generous relative, one must be creative, as well as diligent, in putting away money for college. This is particularly so in an economy that is less than robust.

Glad to hear you've started saving in a 529 Plan. As discussed in an earlier blogpost, the savings options and tax advantages of a 529 are plentiful, and the earlier you start saving for college (right out of the womb is about right ;-), the more money you will have on hand when the tuition bill comes due.

Check out New York's 529 Plan at nysaves.org.

Are there other ways to save? Sure. From Coverdell Education Savings Accounts to stashing cash in the mattress, you can save a dollar here and a quarter there.

Problem is, as Americans, we have a tendency to spend rather than save.

Can one spend and save at the same time. Hmmm.

Yes you can, every time you shop.

Enjoy shopping? Even if you don't, you do shop, don't you?

Groceries. Clothing. Gas for the car. Online. In-store. Yup. You shop!

If you shop, or should I say, when you shop, why not save money whenever and wherever (well, almost) you spend money through U-Promise?

Simply sign up at U-Promise, shop online through the site's portal, or in-store using a registered credit card, and you'll turn your spending dollars into sense -- and cents -- for college.

U-Promise members can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for college, and the savings earning can even be automatically transferred into your linked 529 Plan.

The best part, U-Promise is FREE to join and FREE to use.

To check out U-Promise, visit the website or simply go to College Connection's Campus Cash page and click on the U-Promise banner.

Spend to save. A novel, and practical way to painlessly put away money for college while you shop.

Save for College the Smart Way!

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