While many a college application deadline has long ago passed, there are literally hundreds of colleges out there still accepting applications for the fall of 2014.
Here are but a few of the ways you can find colleges that have late application deadlines and/or offer "rolling" admissions:
  1. Common Application member institutions still open to new applicants may be found by going to the Common App website, scrolling down Member Colleges & Universities, and clicking College Search. Indicate that you’re looking for Fall 2014, and complete the deadline box according to your interest. If you’re looking for colleges with a deadline on or after January 21, 2014, you’ll be rewarded with hundreds of institutions still accepting applications.
  2. For the Universal College Application, you’ll need to create an account indicating that you are applying as a “first year” student for the fall of 2014. Click on My Colleges and a list of the institutions still accepting applications will appear.
  3. Using the College Board’s Big Future college search engine , select your preferences for size, location, majors, etc. At any point, click on “See Results.” Once results appear, go to the dropdown box labeled “Alphabetical," click on “Application Deadline,” and specify “Ascending.” Click on “Sort” and a complete list of colleges reflecting your preferences will appear according deadline.Schools with “no deadline” are listed at the end.
  4. For slightly different information, check out Peterson’s Colleges with Late & Rolling Application Deadlines.Simply scroll down for a chronological list of application deadlines. Note: Colleges with Rolling Admissions will accept applications until all spaces in the incoming class are filled.
So while the bell has yet to toll, and the college admissions clock continues to tick, for high school seniors who have yet to apply to college, the time is now! 

P.S. A reminder that the college scholarship season does not end with your acceptance to college. You still have to pay that tuition bill! Continue to search and apply for scholarships. Today. Tomorrow. Throughout your college career!
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