Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Locust. [Would you believe a noisy Cicada, falling from a nearby tree? Oh, we hate when that happens!]

All enough to unsettle even those with nerves of steel. And yet, even these natural disasters (not to mention those man-made ones that come our way, seemingly on a daily basis), hardly compare to the terror struck in the hearts of bold men, brave women and unflappable 18 year olds by the onset and ensuing deluge known as the college application and admission process.

Fears heightened by information -- and misinformation -- overload. Storm clouds gathering about the mounting paperwork, the impending SATs and ACTs, the wavering GPA, and the surge of the Common App, FAFSA and CSS Profile. Uncertainty over both procedure and outcome add to the confusion, as parents and students alike attempt to map out an escape route along the treacherous, detour-filled road to college.

Think you need a plan to help you successfully navigate the road to college?

Remember Noah? He had a plan! Everyone else? Well, we all know how that story ended.

Some call it the perfect storm. The confluence of conflicting deadlines, endless online searches, constant pressure, and that ever-present feeling in the pit of your stomach that says, "I wish this nightmare was over!"

We like to call it the perfect calm, where students are empowered and parents are given peace of mind!

Having a plan, the foresight, the intuition, the guidance so essential not only in heading out in the right direction, but in actually getting where you want to go. That's powerful. That's Nirvana. That's College Connection, the first and last words in college admissions success!

College applications, and making your way to those Ivy-covered gates, can be a grueling, heart-wrenching experience. It doesn't have to be.

So, check out that college planning calendar. Note, with more than passing interest, that we are now entering that season fraught with danger and anxiety -- better known as the crunch time of college applications. Batten down the hatches, take a deep breath, make the best of plans, and then call your College Connection counselor.

College admission is more competitive than ever. You need to be as well!

We are College Connection, and we're here to help get you safely through the storm!

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