Circumventing the gales and high seas of the college admissions process can be treacherous. If the forces of the SAT/ACT don't sink you, the wake of the Common App just might.

So many things to do. So many essays to write. So little time to meet the Early Action deadlines. So much info out there, much of it just plain wrong.

And yet, out on the horizon (dare you raise your head from that Dramamine-induced stupor), there is hope. The perfect calm. That troika of inspiration. The very essence of successfully navigating the inside passage to - and through - college.

Now, for the first time, anywhere, the dream team of college admissions together in the same place, bringing college-bound students (and their uber-stressed parents) everything (yes, EVERYTHING) they need to chart the course, set sail, and smoothly glide through the waters toward those ivy-covered gates.

Personalized college planning and counseling. Face time. Expert advice from preparing that college application through finding scholarship money. The A to Z of college admissions, without the fluff, the guesswork, the anxiety!

COLLEGE CONNECTION. The premier comprehensive college planning service offering soup-to-nuts, in-person guidance, from enhancing your application to acing your essay, formulating and implementing a winning college admissions strategy to finding the money to pay for it all!

THE COLLEGE GUIDE. Everything (yes, we said EVERYTHING) you need to know about college life.

APPLYWISE©. The groundbreaking online college admissions program. Icing on the cake to enhance your personalized college planning experience and help seal the deal.

Agonize no more. Go directly to college. Be empowered and be prepared.

Got college? We've got your plan!

APPLYWISE© at a 10% discount. THE COLLEGE GUIDE absolutely free. COLLEGE CONNECTION - Priceless!

And, of course, The College Whisperer, right there with you, all the way, answering your questions, soothing souls, and at the helm on this fantastic journey to college.

Bon Voyage!

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Plan. Prepare. Prevail!

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