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Princeton Review -- which magically conjures up its "Best" lists every summer -- adds to the Hit Parade the best college newspapers.

Among the recipients of this year's honors are schools you would expect to sit atop the literary scale. The Harvard Crimson. The Chronicle of Duke University. Northwestern's Daily Northwestern. The Cornell Daily Sun. Yale Daily News.

Then there are those of which many would have asked, "Who would have thunk?" Diamondback of the University of Maryland. The Independent Florida Alligator of the University of Florida. Binghamton University's Pipe Dream.

Not only well-written, but well-read, as the Princeton Review polled university students in a survey of the best of the best (much as the do for their Best Dorms and Best Food lists) in determining the Top Twenty college rags.

So, as it turns out, you don't have to go the Harvard, Yale or Cornell to be among the best. A four year stint at, say, Binghamton University, long distinguished as a "public ivy" and part of the State University of New York, could bring you similar kudos, and often at a quarter of the price. [As many New Yorkers "in the know" often say, "Smart kids go to Cornell. Smart kids with smart parents go to Binghamton!" ;-)]

" It's really great to see our students get recognized for their hard work," said Gail Glover, Senior Director of Media and Public Relations at Binghamton University. "And they're in with a very selective bunch of schools, so quite an honor for all of our up-and-coming Binghamton University communicators."

An honor, indeed. And more than a footnote to the credo that dedication, hard work, and that extra effort -- along with brains, wit and moxie -- can pay off big time, no matter what college you ultimately decide to attend. As with most things in life, you will get out of the college experience what you are willing to put into it. [The same holds true, believe it or not, for the college admissions process and the search for scholarship money.]

Congrats to the editors, writers, and staff of all the top college papers, and GO BEARCATS!

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