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So many colleges, so little time to plan, to choose, to apply.

Which college is right for me? Do I have what it takes to gain admission? Can I afford to go?

Where do I start?

Start right here, at College Connection, your one-stop source for personalized college planning, guidance, and support.

From deciding on colleges that are the perfect fit, to tailoring your applications, to tweaking your essays, to conquering Common App, to applying for grants, scholarships, and financial aid, College Connection will help you navigate the road to the college of your choice.

Turn by turn, your College Connection counselor is at your side, to help you get from "thinking about college" to "accepted to college." Mindful of the detours, aware of the hairpin turns, knowledgeable as to what's around that blind curve, you'll not only have the step-by-step directions at hand, but someone who will help you start that engine, get into gear, and take the best route to college.

Wait. Do I really need a college coach? Can't I do it myself?

Does an Olympic athlete need a coach? Only if you want the competitive edge.

Of course you could go it alone. The tools are available to everyone. Internet. Guidance counselors. Friends already in college.

After all, who needs a college counselor to navigate the road to college when you have the equivalent of a GPS?

Ahh... Remember the last time you relied on Mapquest? And what about that high tech GPS? Was that "short-cut" really a dead end? Was that "left turn" actually a right? Did the "fastest route" become that drive to Guam? And how many times did that %#@&!* GPS "recalculate"?

You cannot afford to take the "scenic route" to college. You can, however, take the guesswork, and the stress, out of the college planning and application process.

At College Connection, we know where you want to go, and we're prepared to help you get there!

And remember, even a seasoned athlete needs a coach -- that is, if s/he truly wants to excel.

So, take the bumps out of the road to college admission success. You drive. College Connection will navigate.

With College Connection, it's college by choice, not by chance.

What services does College Connection offer?

We offer full service college counseling and support, meaning, as much help and guidance as you need to plan, organize, synthesize, and apply. And we don't stop there. Have an interview with a college admissions officer? We will thoroughly prepare you. We'll assist with financial aid applications and award maximization, including the filing of FAFSA and/or CSS Profile, and will get you started on that all too often elusive search for grants and scholarships.

We also offer complete access to individualized tutoring and test preparation services, matching students with tutors so you can be ready to take on the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, or any other college entrance exam that may come your way.

Do I have to buy a "package" or pay for services I really don't need?

Absolutely not. No cookie-cutter, one size fits all at College Connection. You will receive individualized attention, with a customized plan specific to your needs.

Just want someone to review your college applications or give your essay a once over? No problem. Need to be walked through the entire planning and application process, from deciding where to apply to leaving no stone unturned in seeking out money to pay that tuition bill? We're there.

Pay only for the services you need, and the time we actually spend with you. No contracts to sign. No long-term commitments (although we're in this with you for the long haul). No taking of the first-born child.

Feel more comfortable with a comprehensive college planning package? From The Freshman 15 for high school freshmen and sophomores, to The Ultimate College Planning Package, for juniors and seniors, we've got you covered. Customized plans and individualized programs for every student and any budget.

Can I simply pay you to do EVERYTHING for me?

Nope! You're the one going to college (we've been there, done that), so you'll be doing the driving. We'll help you, guide you, advise you, and even hold your hand on the steering wheel, assuring a smooth ride all the way to college entrance. [Mom and Dad will have to take you to your dorm room, however...]

Okay. Okay. I'm convinced. What do I do now?

Give College Connection a call at 516-345-8766, complete the no obligation student profile, or e-mail us at A counselor will be happy to speak with you, and the initial telephone consultation is FREE!

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