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The Common Application

The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success

College Board


InLikeMe -- A College Admissions Primer

College Planning Guide from

College Search from

Financial Aid  Guide from

U.S. Department of Education -- College Affordability and Transparency Center

You won't get a penny in aid unless you file the required applications!


Click HERE to see if the colleges you are applying to require the CSS Profile.

Click HERE for a FREE estimate of eligibility for Federal student aid.

Saving for College -- The 529 College Savings Plan Online Guidebook

NY's College Savings Plan (529)

Financial Aid Guidebook

Create a presence on the web so colleges will see you! -- Can I get in to the college of my choice? -- Help in finding the "best" colleges for you

College Confidential -- The scoop on college life

NCAA Eligibility Center -- For the Athlete/Scholar

Online College Planning Tutorial -- The A to Z of getting into and paying for college

The College Toolkit

My College Options -- Join for FREE


Virtual College Tours

Scholarship Searches beyond


And just when you thought you were done...

Master List of College Scholarships

Essential Guides To Getting Into And Paying For College (without having to buy the books!)






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